Wind Jockey® "NOW OPEN" Flexible Outdoor Sign Kit

Wind Jockey® "NOW OPEN" Flexible Outdoor Sign Kit


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A colorful, eye-catching outdoor banner system that moves with the breeze to capture attention and withstands winds of 60+mph.

Kit Includes:

• Full color printed 4 ft. x 5 ft. double-sided vinyl banner

• Flexible and durable banner stand

• Floor Stand and Ground Spikes to secure outdoors

  • Resilient - Extended banner life in extreme weather.
    • Flexible - Carbon composite rods allow banners to move with and deflect the wind.
    • Optimal - Your message appears on both sides of a large 4’ x 5’ sign for all to see
    • Can be secured in ground with spikes or place on hard surface with stand braces - all included
    • Easily update with a replacement banner/sign (click here)
    • Also available with a Custom Banner/Sign Insert (click here)